Morning Read: Zero Day

At last we arrive at a day that has been circled on the calendar for months. The news:

The DN says: “Throw the bums out.”

The Post agrees.

The Times soberly gives recommendations in some major contests

How to vote.

Voters are exhausted, Nick Confessore reports.

The year of the celebrity robo-call.

Charlie Rangel will likely have to wait until have the November election for his ethics trial.

Adam Clayton Powell says that “Rangel is no longer that powerful.”

Pro-gay marriage groups are taking their message to the people, launching a series of commercials.

Diverging views of Pedro Espada in the Bronx.

The Park51 imam says “everything is on the table,” but he declined to discuss specifics.

Dean Skelos owns stock in companies with business before the state.

The G.O.P is targeting conservative leaning districts in New York

And today is the last day of primaries before the general.



  Morning Read: Zero Day