Nadler and Engel on Paladino: Good for Democrats, Bad for Democracy

In this week’s paper, I looked at whether Andrew Cuomo’s coattails could help some down-ballot Democrats. The story went to press before the results rolled in, but a couple of congressmen weighed in last night on Carl Paladino’s big win and its effect on the Democratic ticket.

“I think it’s great because I think these people are so extreme that they cannot possibly win in November,” said Congressman Eliot Engel. “I think it’s clear that Andrew Cuomo is going to be the next governor and the question is: will there be coattails? Some of our candidates in upstate New York–some of my colleagues–it’s nip and tuck. So I think it could mean the difference.”

“It really just shows you–even in New York, it’s an ultra-right wing takeover,” he said.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler was also pleased–but not too pleased.

“He’ll beat Paladino probably somewhat bigger and that helps the coattail effect and everybody else on the ticket, from the attorney general on down to the assembly candidate,” Nadler said.

“On the larger front, I’m not at all happy. Beause it’s the capture of another major American political party by the crazy nuts. In a two-party system, you want two reasonable parties who differ on issues, but either one of which–should it win an election–the country is okay. Now you have one reasonable party and the Republican Party is rapidly turning into a collection of craziness and that’s not good.

“The electorate should have choices between rational people. And he’s not a rational person. And that’s very bad for the Democratic system.”

Nadler and Engel on Paladino: Good for Democrats, Bad for Democracy