No One Can Sell You Twitter Followers…Except Twitter

Twitter has outlawed the practice of paying outside companies to help you add new followers, which sounds just and sensible, except now Peter Kafka of All Things D is reporting that Twitter will be selling followers.

The announcement of this strategy is expected to happen in New York tomorrow to a sold out crowd of Mad Men (and women) at Ad Week’s IAB Mixx Conference

Instead of paying to place a sponsored message, companies or individuals will bid to have their name surfaced as a “recommended follow”. It would be demographically targeted, like advertising, to reach rock fans or travel lovers.

Right now it’s pretty expensive to advertise on Twitter; $100,000 is the minimum buy-in to purchase a sponsored spot in the trending column. Putting follow suggestions up for sale may allow Twitter to target consumers with more detail, opening that rich vein of local ad dollars.

A black market in paying for followers still exists, but it’s getting hard to make any money. Once upon a time users were paying as much as $.25 a head for Twitter followers. These days, with robot followers and chinese Twitter sweatshops, the price has sunk to around a penny a person.





No One Can Sell You Twitter Followers…Except Twitter