Paladino’s Camp Says Q Poll Stirred ‘Monsoon’ of Money

Now that Carl Paladino has pulled within six points of Andrew Cuomo in the polls, he’s hoping to catch him in dollars too.

Paladino’s campaign manager just sent out an email trumpeting this morning’s Quinnipiac poll, and said the news “had an immediate impact on fundraising, like a sudden monsoon.”

“We’ve adjusted Carl’s schedule accordingly because this makes it a sudden possibility he has a shot at spending commensurate with the Cuomo,” he wrote.

Paladino has so far struggled with fundraising, pouring millions of dollars into his own upstart candidacy, but his new status as the Republican nominee, and now, as a legitimate contender, should help his fundraising pitch.

Cuomo had $24 million dollars on hand in July–a number Paladino could conceivably match from his $150 million fortune. Paladino initially pledged to spend as much as $10 million dollars of his own money, but has lately declined to say how high he might go.

Paladino’s Camp Says Q Poll Stirred ‘Monsoon’ of Money