Paladino’s Direct Mail Offensive: The Glossies

Along with the letters he’s mailing certain issue voters, Carl Paladino is also sending a couple of more traditional glossy mailers.

One of the mailers emphasizes his affinity for Ronald Reagan with a photo of the former president and the declaration that Paladino is a “Reagan Republican.” (His letters include an older photo of the two together.)

The other hits his opponent, Rick Lazio, for not agreeing to a debate, and includes a handy chart for voters to compare the two candidates.

The glossy mailers are cheaper than the letters, but also more likely to get tossed, according to direct mail experts. A campaign source said the glossies are going out to all Republican households.

Paladino is employing both types of mail–along with a barrage of radio and television ads that one campaign source likened to a “blitzkrieg“–in the hopes of closing a double-digit deficit in the polls. Having pledged $10 million of his own money, Paladino can vastly outspend Lazio, who reported half a million dollars on hand last week and would surely prefer to conserve some resources for an expected general election fight against Andrew Cuomo.

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