Pallone on Beck rally: they’re outside the mainstream

BELMAR – Running for re-election against anti-establishment Highlands Mayor Anna Little, U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) initially refused to take a swipe at Glen Beck and his Tea Party followers who gathered on the National Mall this past weekend.

“That was all religious. It’s nice to have religion and prayer,” said Pallone, standing at the entrance to the marina here, moments from U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s (D-Cliffside Park) arrival and build-up of the veteran congressman as a cornerstone figure in the fight to save New Jersey’s environment. 

But prodded, Pallone admitted he believes Beck, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and the Tea Party faithful who mobilized on the Mall on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luthter King’s “I have a dream” speech are farther right than the 6th Congressional District.

“I think they are outside of the mainstream and too far to the right for people in my district,” said Pallone, the lone incumbent in the Democratic congressional delegation who’s facing a Tea Party branded survivor of the Republican Primary, Highlands Mayor Anna Little, the GOP nominee who claims anti-establishment momentum in her challenge of Pallone.

“They want to get rid of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency),” he said. “That’s what we’re here for today, enviornmental protection. We had a huge spill in the Gulf and we need the federal government to get involved. They want to repeal healthcare reform. They are too far to the right.”

An opponent of the War in Iraq and no vote on the 2002 resolution authorizing then-President George W. Bush to go to war in the embattled Middle Eastern country, Pallone said he was glad the United States has finally ended combat operations in Iraq.

As Pallone trumpeted the work of the urban coast institute and soaked up the praise of Both Lautenberg and Monmouth University President Paul Gaffney, the Little campaign sent out an email blast bookmarking a Monday morning interview with CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien.

“It must also be noted that Anna’s interview with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien attracted well over 100 supporters to Ocean Grove, NJ on Monday morning,” said the blast. “Tireless and dedicated volunteers will attempt the massive feat of contacting almost 6,000 voters to spread Anna’s message of less spending, less costly and job-killing regulation, lower taxes and genuinely smaller government. If their unprecedented performance thus far is any indication, Anna’s Army is up to the challenge.”

Taking on 22-year incumbent Democrat Frank Pallone for the people’s 6th District House seat, the Republican nominee for Congress Anna Little is vying to become the only female in New Jersey’s all-male Congressional delegation. 


Pallone on Beck rally: they’re outside the mainstream