Pete King Waiting to See About Paladino’s ‘Gravitas’

On Don Imus’s show this morning, Republican Congressman Pete King said he’s inclined to support his party’s nominee, but wants to see how the upstart candidate handles the next few weeks.

“I think Andrew Cuomo would be a good governor, but on policy I would probably agree with Carl Paladino more,” King told Imus. “But I have to see how he’s going to articulate that policy and how he’s going to lay it out. And whether or not he basically has the gravitas that’s needed to be governor.”

King said he gets along “very well” with Cuomo, who has “been a good attorney general.”

Like much of the state, King said he’s not sure what to expect from the Republican nominee, who the congressman said he doesn’t know.

“Right now I think the obligation on him is to channel that anger in a positive way,” said King, who is popular in his Long Island district, where Paladino lost to Lazio 2-to-1 in the primary, and where he will need some significant support to win the general election.

For King, this is Paladino’s moment, regardless of what Cuomo does or does not do in the coming weeks. “In some ways, Andrew Cuomo is going to be a spectator, because we know him,” King said.

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Pete King Waiting to See About Paladino’s ‘Gravitas’