Primary Night: District Leader Races In Brooklyn–UPDATE

There were a series of heated contest in obscure district leader races in much of Brooklyn this year that pitted a group of reformers against those loyal to county boss Vito Lopez, and according to sources with some very early numbers, it appears as if the reformers won out.

According to a source, in brownstone Brooklyn both Joann Simon and Chris Owens won against candidates backed by Lopez.

And in north Brooklyn, Lincoln Restler who  ran a spirited campaign against Warren Cohn, the son of longtime powerbroker Stephen Cohn, said that his race was too close too call but that he was “cautiously optimistic.”

Esteban Duran, who ran against Lopez, has lost, sources confirmed.

Kate Zidar, who ran alongside Restler, is also locked in a race that appears to close to call. Will update with final results as we get them.


We have confirmation that both Simon and Owens won.

Zidar appears to have lost

Will have more as it comes in. Primary Night: District Leader Races In Brooklyn–UPDATE