Primary Night: The Early Word

We are live at the Eric Schneiderman victory party (and others throughout the city) and so far the major news is…nothing. Only a few scattered activists and supporters have trickled into the Grand Hyatt, among them Hotel Trades Council president Peter Ward, Assembly member Mike Gianarris, and Manhattan BP Scott Stringer.

The Schneiderman shin-dig is down the hall from Carolyn Maloney’s victory party, so it’s hard to say who is here for what.

Meanwhile, we continue to hear reports from political operatives worried about trouble with voting machines. It is unclear how much this could effect races around the state, but all are gearing up for a looonnggg night.

Also, ran into Eric Schneiderman in the hallway.

We asked for an update.

“I’m good, I’m really good,” he said. Primary Night: The Early Word