Professional Pole-Dancing Comes to the Fore in Ken Starr Case

More news today from the saga of Ken Starr, the money manager and Ponzi schemer profiled by this paper a few months ago. Page Six ran an item today about Dianne Passage, Starr’s wife and a former exotic dancer, allegedly being stalked by representatives for Wesley Snipes, who was one of Starr’s many celebrity clients.

It’s a funny story and possibly even true, but it’s hard to miss Passage’s reference to her business activities of late.

“My bank accounts have been frozen, so it is difficult. I’m talking with pay-per-view TV about a pole-dancing competition. I ran one last year and it will soon be screened on a Romanian sports network.”

In this month’s Vanity Fair piece on Starr, there’s a reference to he and his wife constantly plugging the event in question, Pole Superstars, urging clients to put money into it. Vanity Fair said that “Diane’s vision of a national yearly event to promote pole dancing as a competitive, perhaps even an Olympic sport,” so it’s hard not to view her Page Six sob story as at least slightly promotional.

By conidence, we just a press release yesterday promoting an event called the “American Pole Fitness Championships,” so we called them up to see if the organization putting it on had any affiliation with Passage’s Pole Superstars. A representative said they do not and balked at the idea of being compared to the apparently more risqué Superstars. “It’s kind of like trying to compare a Las Vegas event to a Broadway Show,” said the representative. “We’re trying to get into the Olympics!”

Professional Pole-Dancing Comes to the Fore in Ken Starr Case