Rice To Schneiderman: Show Me (Where The) Money (Comes From) UPDATED

AG hopeful Kathleen Rice is out with a release asking state senator Eric Schneiderman to reveal where the $855,000 that he donated to his campaign is coming from. At a debate today, Schneiderman said that he lives off of his state senate salary and that he had not been a private practice attorney for nearly ten years, which led Rice to ask “who exactly is funding this campaign for office.”

The implication is a charge that was leveled at Eliot Spitzer when he ran for attorney general–that his wealthy father was loaning the candidate money in an effort to skirt campaign finance laws.

Schneiderman’s father Irwin is a major Democratic donor and has given over $125,000 to his son’s campaign.

We have reached out to the Schneiderman campaign. Will update with response.


The Schneiderman campaign sends along the following response:

“First Kathleen Rice wrongly accused Eric Schneiderman of blocking a luring bill, before being completely proven wrong by prosecutors in a major report this week. Now she wrongly accuses him of not being behind his own investments, even though Eric has spoken proudly of his time working as a partner of a major law firm in private practice, when he earned a very good living. Given this emerging pattern, it is little wonder numerous editorial pages have said Ms. Rice lacks the grasp of the issues needed to be Attorney General.”


Rice To Schneiderman: Show Me (Where The) Money (Comes From) UPDATED