Rosie Perez: “I’m Here Talking To You Today About The Gays” [VIDEO]

Fight Back New York, the pro-marriage equality group, is out with another celebrity video, this one from Rosie Perez urging New Yorkers to send in money to defeat anti-marriage equality senators.

“I’m here talking to you today about the gays,” Perez says at the beginning of the web ad, and then wonders aloud why gays can marry in other places but not in her hometown of Brooklyn.

“Are you kidding me? Iowa’s got the jump on us, New York? We are the world’s freaking city. We take the lead and dictate to the rest on how to do things. And you can’t tie the knot if you bat for the other team? How whack is that?”

And Perez has a special message for state Senator Ruben Diaz, a Democrat who has been leading the fight against marriage equality.

” I am extremely disappointed with your position on this matter,” she says. “Please take note: You are not speaking for the majority of New York’s Latinos.”

This ad follows others by Cynthia Nixon and Jesse Tyler. I have asked the folks at Fight Back New York who they are targeting in the general election season, since their focus has been on the primaries and, as far as I know, there are not any pro-marriage equality challengers with a decent shot of taking out an anti-marriage equality senators, but Fight Back NY declined to comment, so this ad could just be a plea for money for future fights down the road. Take a look:


Rosie Perez: “I’m Here Talking To You Today About The Gays” [VIDEO]