Ruffian Slicks Back its Hair During Show at The Studio

Around the time the Ruffian show was supposed to begin this afternoon — though, naturally, a delay set in as everyone took their time milling into The Studio — André Leon Talley sat in the front row tooling around on his iPad. 

“I saw you yesterday!” Mr. Talley said to us, looking up from the Apple device. He had indeed seen us yesterday, at the breakfast he hosted with Tyra Banks for America’s Next Top Model. The fashion icon was also wearing what was almost certainly the same long black leather trenchcoat he wore at Marea the day before. But whatever—he’s André Leon Talley, and he can certainly pull it off.

“I’m very excited to be in Lincoln Center,” Mr. Talley went on. “I already feel the vibe, it’s very good. The air conditioning is working, I think there’s space. I already feel like it’s going to be fabulous for fashion.”

He couldn’t yet decide whether the location is better than Bryant Park, but he said the move is “promising.”

“It’s a young moment for fashion to be at Lincoln Center,” he said.

One-time Marc Jacobs fiancé Lorenzo Martone embraced Mr. Talley and sat beside him for the moment, to chat until the ushers informed bystanders that the show would actually be starting. Mr. Martone took his seat next to Gossip Girl‘s Amanda Setton.

The show was an exercise in precision and uniformity: every model had the same ultra-slicked hair, the same patterns of makeup, and marched to bulked-up remixes all in the same unyieldingly steady tempo. But the whole presentation was dynamic, too; it was at times militaristic, at times exotic, at times classic.

Mr. Martone told us that he was a fan. “It’s very sophisticated, very elegant — like them,” he said. “The vibrant prints will work well at parties.”

He even had a favorite outfit.

“The gold jacket was the best of the collection,” Mr. Martone said. 

Ruffian Slicks Back its Hair During Show at The Studio