Schneiderman Campaign Unveils “Dodger Dan”–UPDATED

The Eric Schneiderman campaign is trying a humorous approach in its effort to keep the heat on G.O.P attorney general nominee Dan Donovan by rolling out a facebook page called “Dodger Dan,” which rolls out a list of questions they say the Staten Island D.A. has yet to answer.

Donovan is trying to thread a difficult needle by running in a Democratic state, and that needle got much narrower after Carl Paladino won the nomination for governor, and Schneiderman calls him out for some of the ways in which Donovan tries to  step away from his party and his ticket mate.

The campaign notes that Donovan has refused to say whether or not Paladino’s emails are offensive (Donovan says that as a sitting D.A., he can’t do something which would be seen as an endorsement) and points out that even though Donovan is pro-life, he maintains that as AG he will not affect reproductive health laws.

We wonder though if putting Donovan in the uniform of Brooklyn’s beloved and lamented Dodgers will end up endearing him to voters.

An update from the Donovan camp should come soon. We will post.


Donovan spokeswoman Virginia Lam emails over the following:

“Team Schneiderman strikes out once again trying to distract voters’ attention from the fact that State Senator Schneiderman has been in Albany longer than Jackie Robinson played in Brooklyn.

“Despite State Senator Schnedierman’s disturbing lack of qualifications to be Attorney General, he continues to peddle half-truths and full on lies in an effort to retain his choke hold grip on the Albany machine.

“Of all the falsehoods in this puerile page – perhaps the most ridiculous is the attempt to portray Dan as a Los Angeles baseball fan … New York voters know better and they will not stand for this blasphemy.”

Lam then goes on to detail a few questions that she says Schneiderman has not answered, including whether or not Schneiderman’s father’s donations to NARAL influenced their support of him, and noting the lack of diversity on his campaign staff.

Schneiderman Campaign Unveils “Dodger Dan”–UPDATED