Schneiderman Releases Robo Against Rice

Eric Schneiderman’s campaign is roboing Democratic voters to remind them that Kathleen Rice used to be a Republican and that touts Schneiderman’s own record to reform the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

The script:

For Attorney General, who shares our values? 

A Democrat only since 2005, Kathleen Rice lobbied against reforming the Rockefeller Drug laws. She forced working mothers in her DA’s office to work full-time or quit.  And the New York Times called Rice’s grasp of the challenges facing the AG, “limited”.  

Progressive Democrat Eric Schneiderman reformed the Rockefeller Drug laws, passed the assault weapons ban and is a leader for women’s rights. The New York Times endorses Schneiderman for his judgment, independence and commitment to reform.

The robo set off a hue and cry from the Rice campaign.  RWDSU head Stu Appelbaum released a statement saying:

“I am offended by the many robocall attacks coming from the Schneiderman campaign.  He is doing a disservice to New York voters and especially New York Democrats.  Remember, both Hillary Clinton and Kathleen Rice were once Republicans who became committed Democrats. We need more people to do the same.  Doesn’t the Albany legislator understand that?  He shouldn’t be criticizing women like Kathleen for becoming Democrats.  And frankly, I’d put Hillary Clinton and Kathleen Rice’s commitments to the Democratic Party up against State Senator
Schneiderman’s any day.”

Appelbaum is one of the few prominent labor leaders in the city to have endorsed Rice, and his backing of her left many politicos shaking their heads, since most of labor is behind Schneiderman.

The back-and-forth comes as Rice released an ad that ties Schneiderman to Albany dysfunction and to Pedro Espada.

One interesting thing to note here as that as the polls show the race to be essentially tied, Rice is putting her cash advantage to work by going up on the air.


Schneiderman Releases Robo Against Rice