Schumer E-Mails for Maloney

One day before Democratic voters head to the polls, Senator Chuck Schumer is e-mailing his support for Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.

In a fundraising pitch for volunteers being sent out by the Maloney campaign, Schumer calls the congresswoman “a strong and effective ally” and “a smart, forward-thinking and effective legislator.”

Schumer had previously discouraged Maloney from challenging appointed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in what might have been a fierce primary for the junior Senate seat, when Maloney was considering such a move last summer.

Now, Maloney is the one facing a primary challenge–from former Hillary Clinton fundraiser Reshma Saujani–and Schumer joins most of the delegation has lined up behind the nine-term congresswoman.

Here’s the full e-mail:

Dear Reid–

In these tough times, New Yorkers need tough leaders on their side. And when it comes to tough, effective leadership – Carolyn Maloney is at the top of the list.

Working alongside my Democratic colleagues and President Obama to get our economy back on track is hard work. Digging our country out of the Great Recession and fighting obstructionism at every turn takes persistence and dedication. And I’m lucky to have a strong and effective ally in Carolyn.

Carolyn understands that many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. And she has been relentless in the fight to create jobs and stabilize our economy.

Carolyn is a smart, forward-thinking and effective legislator. Together, we secured billions of federal dollars for two of the largest infrastructure projects in the country – the 2nd Avenue Subway and the Queens-Manhattan Connector. This was no easy feat, but thanks to her hard work, thousands of New Yorkers have good-paying jobs.

And Carolyn fought to pass important initiatives to help small businesses who are hurting in these tough times and to encourage hiring. We’re not out of the woods yet; our economy has yet to recover, but we’re headed in the right direction, thanks to Carolyn and hardworking Democrats in Congress.

Simply put – New Yorkers and Americans need her expertise and her continued, effective leadership.

I urge you to volunteer to help re-elect one of my important partners in Congress.

With your help, she can continue fighting for New Yorkers and guiding our economy along the road to recovery.

Thank you,

Senator Charles E. Schumer


Schumer E-Mails for Maloney