Schumer’s First Ad

The Schumer for Senate campaign sends along New York’s senior senator’s first ad of the 2010 campaign. The campaign says that the ad will play in multiple markets, including in NYC. The piece comes with some choice shots of Schumer as a young man. Script and video below:




My parents always hoped that their children could live the American Dream.


My dad was an exterminator.


My mom a housewife.


They struggled to send me to college.


That’s why I’ve fought so hard to help middle class families get a fair shake.


Now families making less than $160,000 dollars a year get a $2500 dollar tax cut,


an actual tax cut, for each child in college.



Chuck Schumer. The one New Yorkers count on to fight for the middle class.



I’m Chuck Schumer and I approved this message.





Schumer’s First Ad