Sean Coffey Adds Another $100k To His Coffers

Is every day going to be like this?

Yesterday, we reported that Sean Coffey donated $100K to his campaign for attorney general. And he has given himself another $100,000 today.

Says campaign spokeswoman Tammy Sun in a statement:

“Our campaign is seeing evidence of enormous movement and momentum towards Sean Coffey as our next Attorney General.  We will have the resources we need to win next Tuesday, thanks in large part to the millions of dollars in support from New Yorkers across the state who know Sean is the only one who will protect our communities, police Wall Street and finally deliver critical results – not rhetoric – on the reforms we need.”

Coffey has given himself enough money to allow himself to keep pace with Kathleen Rice, who leads in fundraising (and who is getting a lot of donations at the last minute herself.) The other candidates feared that Coffey would bury them with his own money in the final days of the campaign and it appears that he is set to do that.

The main question surrounding the Coffey campaign has always been whether or not he has the field operation to get out the vote on the election day. Rice has the support of the biggest county parties in the state, and Eric Schneiderman has the backing of the unions with the most sophisticated field operation. Coffey however could perhaps buy a field operation. His campaign notes that staffers there have had nearly 500,00 phone calls with voters and knocked on close to 80,000 doors. Sean Coffey Adds Another $100k To His Coffers