Sean Kelly Gallery Will Represent Kehinde Wiley

Ever since Jeffery Deitch left New York and dissolved his gallery to become director of L.A. MOCA, the art world has speculated where his artists would end up. Today, it got at least one answer: Sean Kelly Gallery announced that it would represent L.A.-born painter Kehinde Wiley, one of Deitch Projects’ brightest stars.

Wiley’s work is represented in the permanent collections of some of the country’s top museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and the High Museum in Atlanta. He became famous for large-scale portraits that place young black men—often hand-picked by the artist from the streets of Harlem—in the context of classical portraiture. His subjects, clad in baseball hats or hooded sweatshirts, pose against brocade backgrounds or on horseback.

But Sean Kelly Gallery doesn’t want to eliminate all the suspense just yet. According to the press release, “Sean Kelly Gallery is in the process of developing a major new project with Wiley that will represent a significant departure from, and expansion of, these previous areas of interest and will debut in the fall of 2011.”

The art world is still waiting to hear where some of Deitch’s other stars will end up. Painter Tauba Auerbach—whose decision has been described as “a LeBron James announcement“—has not yet announced new representation. Sean Kelly Gallery Will Represent Kehinde Wiley