See You in the Funny Papers? DC Comics Moves to LA

After 75 years in the city, DC Entertainment has decided to split its operations between the East and West Coasts, the LA Times reports. Comic book operations will remain in the company’s Manhattan offices, while entertainment and digital projects—like iPad development—will move to Burbank. Some 50 people, roughly 20 percent of the company’s work force, are expected to be lost in the move.

DC, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, holds the licenses to Batman, Superman and a handful of other big-name superheroes. President Diane Nelson told Publisher’s Weekly that the decision to split the company’s operations was based on geographic rather than financial considerations. “Publishing has been in New York for many years, so we looked at the culture of publishing and at our creative talent,” she said.

She also assured PW that people in both offices will be in constant contact via “video-conferencing,” which is good because any discrepancies between the upcoming Green Lantern movie and the comics will not be tolerated by the target audience.

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