September 20, 2010 The difference between New Jersey’s two Peter Cammaranos and the two John Farmers.

Sometimes I’m not the swiftest guy who lives in New Jersey who follows politics. Over the years, I have definitely found it difficult to tell the difference between New Jersey’s two Peter Cammaranos and the two John Farmers.
Thank God for Google and Wikipedia.
So, for those of you who are like me, could not tell the difference –––I provide the following information which I found Googling and Wikipedia-ing.
First of all, there is Pete Cammarano who is a partner in the lobbying firm of Cammarano & Hagan. His partner is Kevin P. Hagan,
 who served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor James E. McGreevey.

That Cammarano served as Chief of Staff to Governor Richard Codey and in this capacity, was responsible for overseeing all legislative and executive branch activities in New Jersey. Prior to serving as Chief of Staff, That Cammarano spent ten years working in the New Jersey State Senate as Senator Codey’s Chief of Staff. He previously served as the Director of Public Affairs for the Department of Insurance during the tenure of Governor Florio, and as Deputy Director for United States Senator Frank Lautenberg’s 1994 reelection campaign.

Now the Other Pete Cammarano is Peter J. Cammarano III–– the of the 37th Mayor  Hoboken serving from July 1, 2009, to July 3the 2009. At 32, Cammarano became the youngest mayor in history. Not bad, so far.

Unfortunately, on July 23, 2009, just twenty-three days after assuming the office of mayor, This Cammarano was arrested by the FBI as part of a major corruption and international money laundering conspiracy crime probe known as Operation Bid Rig . This Cammarano was charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey with accepting $25,000 in cash bribes from an undercover cooperating witness. Ooops! At the time, I am sure that That Cammarano was not very happy with the work of This Cammarano.

While That Cammarano serves as a member of the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, This Cammarano is serving 24 months in a federal penitentiary.
Now, to  the John Farmers.
This John J. Farmer, Jr. is a lawyer —he attended Georgetown University receiving a J.D.  degree in 1986. After law school, he worked as a clerk for New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Alan B. Handler. In 1997, Governor Christie Todd Whitman appointed This Farmer Attorney General . He continued to serve under Donald DiFrancesco after Whitman’s resignation. This Farmer currently serves as dean of Rutgers School of Law-Newark .
This John J. Farmer, Jr.’s father is John Farmer, Sr., —-That John Farmer — (for the purposes of our analysis) the legendary  Star-Ledger editorial page editor.  To make  things even more confusing, This John J. Farmer, Jr.  has periodically written  for the Star-Ledger himself. I am sure that This Farmer is very proud of That Farmer, and visa versa.
Maybe NJN or News 12  can have a new show  entitled:  “Cammarano & Farmer”—each week  featuring a different Cammarano  being paired with a different Farmer.  Might be fun. Or maybe shake things up a bit and pair the Two Farmers for a show, and the Two Cammaranos for a show.

One final bit of trivia: This John J. Farmer, Jr.  served as Acting Governor of New Jersey  for 90 minutes on January 8, 2002 by virtue of his status as New Jersey Attorney General —making him the shortest serving NJ governor in history.

This Cammarano served just 23 days as the mayor of Hoboken, making him the shortest serving mayor in Hoboken history.

Go figure.

September 20, 2010    The difference between New Jersey’s two Peter Cammaranos and the two John Farmers.