Sixth District playbook

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-Long Branch) will try to protect the $4 million nest egg he sits on as long as he can, warding off energized Republican challenger Anna Little with emails and off-the-cuff barbs until he feels he has to go TV nuclear, which might be never.
If he does, Pallone figures all he has to do is mention the words oil, offshore and Anna Little in the same sentence.
A pre-Labor Day preview of the next two months occured today when an oil rig explosion provided Pallone – leading sponsor of the No New Drilling Act of 2010 – with yet another high dive into his favorite subject against drilling proponent Little.
“The environmental and economic damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon disaster hasn’t been fully calculated and we have another explosion and another potential disaster,” said Pallone, a day after party allies trumpeted his beach protection record at a no pressure presser at the mouth of Shark River. 
“How many accidents are needed and how much environmental and economic damage must we suffer before we act to contain and control the source of the danger: offshore drilling?” Pallone wondered. “Fortunately, there are no fatalities this time, but this was an accident waiting to happen.” 
Sixth District playbook