Sweden Changes Tune on Rape Allegations Against Julian Assange

Swedish authorities have changed their tune again regarding the rape allegations against chief Wikileaker Julian Assange. Prosecutors are reopening the case.

CNN reports that Marianne Ny, Swedish director of public prosecutions, believes “There is reason to believe that a crime has been committed.” In a statement Ny said that “information available at present” has led her to classify the crime Assange allegedly committed as rape. Ny also said she needs to investigate further before finalizing her decision. The molestation charges against Assange remain but now may be upped to include a sexual element.

Assange, through his attorney, insists he is innocent. While Assange has already characterized the accusations by two Swedish women as part of “a smear campaign,” the resurrection of more serious charges have yet to prompt the type of “dirty tricks” claims from Wikileaks’ Twitter feed that were posted in response to the first reports of rape charges nearly two weeks ago.

Lawyers for the alleged victims in this case, who have been accused of simply being angry at Assange for jilting them or not using protection, say any suggestions that the CIA or United States government is behind the case against Assange are ridiculous.


Sweden Changes Tune on Rape Allegations Against Julian Assange