Tea Party sues feds over health care

The Jersey Shore Tea Party along with Ocean County Citizens For Freedom, the Colts Neck Tea Party and several individuals have filed a 15 count lawsuit in NJ Federal Court against members of the Obama Administration over the sweeping health care legislation signed into law in March.

The Tea Party groups claim the health care legislation, dubbed Obamacare, is unconstitutional and are seeking to have the legislation overturned.

The suit names Obama cabinet members Kathleen Sebelius and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Timothy Geithner and the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and Hilda Solis and the U.S. Department of Labor.

The suit was filed pro se by Wall Township resident Nicholas Purpura and West Long Branch resident Donald Laster Jr.

Pupura said he joined the suit in response to Gov. Chris Christie’s refusal to join suits filed by 20 other state’s currently being heard in Florida.  The Obama Administration is seeking to have that suit dismissed and a ruling on the request is due Oct. 14.

Virginia, which filed a separate suit has already won that argument and is seeking summary judgment.  The state’s that are party to the Florida suit are also preparing to file for summary judgment in their case. 

The suit filed by the Tea Partiers seeks to take precedence over the state suits, claiming that those suits miss key violations of the constitution.

“In the interest of substantial justice, the people’s action demonstrates the arguments before the federal Court instituted by the Attorney Generals’ are lacking and limited, omitting compelling law and fact on the question at bar concerning the unprecedented act of encroachment on the Constitutional liberties of citizens of all States in the Union,” the suit states.

For his part, Purpura said the suit is meant to protect the country he grew up in.

“When we see someone destroying our nation it is our duty to stand up and be counted,” said Purpura, 68, adding that the military oath he took to defend his country was “an oath before god” and did not expire when he left the service.

As for Christie’s decision to stay on the sidelines, Purpura said the freshman governor is trying to “appease everyone” because of his political aspirations.

“I challenge him to face me personally and order his attorney general to put in an amicus brief in  support of this we the people brief,” he said  “This is our country and we intend to keep it.”

Read the full text of the lawsuit here Tea Party sues feds over health care