The Harrowing Tale of Lagerfeld’s Lost Luggage

The best thing about an event honoring Karl Lagerfeld, we’ve decided, is the Kaiser-related anecdotes. Simon Doonan, Barneys creative director, erstwhile Observer columnist, and FIT Couture Council luncheon MC, told a few, including the old gem about four-year-old Mr. Lagerfeld requesting a valet for his birthday. Here’s another, from former Saks VP Helen O’Hagan, who did Mr. Lagerfeld’s first American launch at Lincoln Center:

Then we flew to Los Angeles. Karl asked if I would mind taking his luggage, as he was going to get a lift on the Elizabeth Arden plane. I said of course, I would be happy to. Long story short, I arrived in L.A.: no luggage. (28 pieces!) I met the next two flights from New York, and in between, had chocolate fudge sundaes. Finally at 2 a.m., I went to the cargo hangar and there it was. Needless to say, that is why I believe in the power of prayer. I delivered Karl’s luggage and he never knew.

Let’s speculate together: What on earth could Karl Lagerfeld have needed 28 pieces of luggage for? Thousands of pairs of fingerless gloves? The Harrowing Tale of Lagerfeld’s Lost Luggage