The ‘Napoleonic Ambition’ of Mr. Batty

You may have already read about the big-ish Gawker Media profile that’s out today. That’s right: Edmund Lee’s Advertising Age item about Chris Batty, Nick Denton’s head of sales.

“There’s one thing that people don’t quite get about Chris,” Mr. Denton told Mr. Lee. “His Napoleonic ambition.”

We learn a lot about Mr. Batty, 37, here very quickly. His sales efforts are “unconvetional.” He admits to being introverted. He “projects a kind of weary resolve” with his “undergraduate visage and boarding school sartorialism.” His sales efforts are “unconventional.” There is also this: “His pitch is measured and matter of fact, verging on cynical.” There’s a lot of oblique language flying around here, but we think this means that for a possibly short, possibly aggresive ad sales man, Mr. Batty is nice and decent at his job. The ‘Napoleonic Ambition’ of Mr. Batty