Video: Paladino On Good Day New York

Carl Paladino continued his media blitz this morning, appearing on the local Fox morning show Good Day New York. The hosts asked him if he feared that Andrew Cuomo could dismiss him as unserious after Paladino sent the AG a letter this morning, in which he called on the attorney general to “come out and debate like a man.”

“He is afraid,” Paladino responded. “He is afraid to get up there. He is afraid somebody is going to ask him a question like how do you stand on Obamacare. Andrew, how do you stand on our bloated Medicaid budget. I mean, people are going to ask him some serious questions in a debate.”

The hosts also asked why Paladino had turned so negative, so soon. Paladino said that he was only responding to Cuomo, who had his “bird dogs” like Ed Koch, Al D’Amato, and the Daily News after him.

“He sent all of his bird dogs after me, and I sent all of them back, bloody.  And you talk about me insulting him with my letter? I don’t think so.”

Paladino also described Cuomo as “a man with an out-of-control ego who feels he is entitled to be the governor of the state of New York because of his past.”

When the hosts bemusedly asked Paladino what qualified him to be governor, he said his “integrity.”

The  whole thing is worth a watch:


Video: Paladino On Good Day New York