Was Sarah Palin Booed on ‘Dancing With the Stars?’ You Betcha!

As any loving mother would do, Sarah Palin stopped by the set of “Dancing With the Stars” to watch her 19-year-old daughter Bristol — herself a mother, lest we forget — compete in the bafflingly popular reality show. She was billed as a “Guest Ballroom Commentator.”

The episode, which aired last night, was generally proceeding as these things do, with no real interruptions to speak of. Always on the case, The Huffington Post sized up the younger Palin’s outfit for us: she was wearing a “one-shoulder, tiered lilac and purple gown with evening gloves.” Bristol told People before the season began that she will “have the most modest outfits” on the show. Like we said, nothing too scandalous here. 

Then, after a performance by one-time leggings enthusiast Jennifer Grey, a booing ran through the auditorium. Co-host Brooke Burke, in the middle of interviewing Grey and her partner Derek Hough, looked confused. “There’s booing in the ballroom, we don’t know why,” Burke said, interrupting the post-dance debrief. “Why is there booing?” Grey asked. 

Then the camera cut, and we know: co-host Tom Bergeron was sitting with Sarah Barracuda and daughter Piper. As the booing had begun, Bergeron had been prepping Palin off-screen. The audience seems to have realized that the ex-Governor of Alaska was among them, and booed. ABC flacks say the booing can be traced to disapproval with Ms. Grey’s score of three eights, and explained to the Los Angeles Times that this sort of impassioned response to the judges is “not at all unusual.”

Regardless of where ABC says the booing came from, “Dancing With the Stars” may be in the search for a new Guest Ballroom Commentator.

Here’s the video:

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Was Sarah Palin Booed on ‘Dancing With the Stars?’ You Betcha!