Weiner Opponent Brushes Off Paladino Comparison

Last week, Anthony Weiner sent a letter to Bob Turner, his little-known Republican opponent, asking him to disavow Carl Paladino’s “hateful, poisonous rhetoric.”

“For a candidate that you said is ‘dynamic’ and who would be ‘a forceful leader’ this kind of language is wildly inappropriate and hurtful. I hope that you will publicly repudiate Mr. Paladino’s comments as soon as possible,” Mr. Weiner wrote.

Now Turner is out with a response in which he brushes back Weiner, telling him that asking Turner to respond to Paladino is no more fair than asking Weiner to answer for Charlie Rangel. Weiner was way out front on health care reform as it winded its way through Congress, and Turner attempts to tie him to the unpopularity of the bill. 

“You have claimed authorship of a bill that the majority of your constituents never wanted, saying ‘I wrote the bill. The bill and I are one.’ Mr.Weiner, you are undoubtedly not one with your constituents,” Turner writes. 

He also calls out Weiner for keeping a campaign office in Manhattan, and challenges the Queens congressman to a joint town hall in the district.


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Weiner Opponent Brushes Off Paladino Comparison