What Are You Waiting For? Get Out Here!

Okay, so it’s only your second day back at work. Maybe you haven’t really had your head in at work for a couple months and now that we’re past Labor Day, it’s time to get serious. I agree. But you should really today.

As much as we all make out of the chaos and awesomeness of the first week of the Open, the real gems are these three middle afternoons–yesterday’s session, today’s and tomorrow’s.

Consider yesterday’s day matches. If you came, you got five sets of Querrey-Wawrinka. Then you got a very entertaining Venus-Schiavone match. And then you’d head over to Armstrong and watch the final three sets of Verdasco-Ferrer. Trust me: Plenty of seats were available. You would have gotten here at 1, and left at 11. Ten hours of high, high quality tennis.

Obviously you can’t guarantee quality like that every time, but the potential for good stuff is there. Wimbledon finalist Vera Zvonarenka and the two most wild and crazy guys on tour will play for a slot in the semifinals. How can you turn down Monfils and Djokovic?

One of my best friends got a ticket off for today’s day session off Craigslist for $40. Sure, it’s in the nosebleeds, but guess what? No one shows up to these matches. Head down! You can definitely find yourself a better seat. It’s actually slightly mind-boggling that we get day matches of this quality at this juncture of the tournament but thanks to ESPN2 and marquee night matches–Wozniacki and Federer tonight–you get great stuff in the day too.

If you can find a ticket for $50 consider that that’s cheaper than a grounds pass last week! And guess what? Unlike last week, you can actually move around here. And it’s cooler! And the lines for the concessions are shorter. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by choices, either. You won’t feel that nagging responsibility to check out the young American on Court 13, or to get a glimpse of Nadal on the practice court.

One destination: Ashe. And you’ll get great tennis from folks who are thisclose to getting to the semifinals. What are you waiting for? Get out here.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Out Here!