What to Expect from The Journal’s New Weekend Section Tomorrow

The best thing we’ve read about the launch of The Wall Street Journal‘s new weeekend sections is that editor Deborah Needleman was considering naming her new lifestyle section “Pastimes and Pleasures” (which sounds like William Boot’s “Lush Places” column in Scoop, and who would name a new media launch after anything in that book?). According to Amy Wicks, Ms. Needleman’s idea was nixed by her colleagues.

The section, which is actually called Off Duty, along with the new Review section will be on newsstands tomorrow along with a redesigned front page for Section A. Ms. Wicks also reports that the cover story of Off Duty is called “Is L.L. Bean Driving The Runway?!” When the lead story in your first edition has an interrobang in the headline, it’s hard to imagine where you’ll go from there. There will also be a story about frienship bracelets.

Here’s a list of articles that will run in the relaunched Saturday edition culled from The Journal‘s release and different advertisements for the section throughout the week in the New York Post:

  1. Something about the color red, the new power color, and how to wear it (“think small doses,” according to an ad in the Post today)
  2. Daniel Rose on 30-minute meals in his “Slow Food Fast” column
  3. Malcolm Gladwell on Coffee Shops
  4. A humor column from Joe Queenan
  5. Novelist Ann Patchett on how to write and speak well
  6. Matt Ridley on the difference between men and women.
  7. Jay McInerney on wine (this story was mocked-up as “A Tale of Two Chateaus”)
What to Expect from The Journal’s New Weekend Section Tomorrow