With Christie in New Mexico, Guadagno cuts red tape

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno signed an executive order today in her first achievement as acting governor.

Guadagno signed Executive Order No. 41, “to establish an ongoing bi-partisan Red Tape Review Commission, continuing the administration’s efforts to streamline state government in New Jersey and spur economic activity,” according to a press release. 

Sean Conner, from the governor’s press office, said the action was apropos since Guadagno has been the “point person” on red-tape and reducing government waste.

Guadagno will chair the nine-member commission that will review administrative rules and regulations and solicit public input on regulatory barriers in order to analyze the impact on job creation, economic growth, and investment throughout the state.

“Businesses large and small can be confident that eliminating overly burdensome red tape and costly regulatory hurdles and hoops will remain a top priority of this Administration,” Guadagno said.

She also released the 180-day reviews conducted by state departments ordered under Executive Order No. 2, which follows the Red Tape Review Group’s 90-day final report submitted to the governor on April, 2010.

“This review resulted in recommendations that impacted 140 administrative rules,” the release said. “Of these, three new proposals were promulgated to clarify existing rules, 99 amendments were proposed to existing regulations, 31 proposals were made to repeal existing rules, one rule was permitted to expire and the abolition of 6 chapters of the New Jersey Administrative Code in their entirety.”

Guadagno took some hits in Christie’s first out-of-state trip for not doing much, if anything, at the healm.

With Christie in New Mexico, Guadagno cuts red tape