With U.S. Open Over, Lance Bass Can Now Attend Fashion Week Shows

Yesterday, Lance Bass attended his first show at fashion week: Elie Tahari at The Studio at Lincoln Center. Before this presentation, his priorities had pointed him in a different direction — he was busy following sporting events. 

“I usually dont even attend any shows, and this is the first one I’ve done all week,” he told The Observer. “I’ve been in a U.S. Open mode, and I’m a Jets fan, so I’ve been doing the sports thing this week.”

He added that he doesn’t plan on stopping by any other shows, even with the Open over. “I’m a Fernando Verdasco fan, so I got to go see his match.” Mr. Bass did, however, have a conflict that blocked him from jetting up to Flushing Meadows for Monday’s final. “I was actually at the Jets game, so I couldn’t go.”

In deciding to hold an ongoing presentation instead of a formalized show, Mr. Tahari was forced to hang out beside the runway instead of backstage, and as a result was approached by a line of admirers and friends. He was wearing Ferragamo sneakers. 

“It’s about seventies all-American sportswear,” he told The Observer. We were talking about the inspiration for his new collection. “Strong, glamourous, American sportswear.”

As we were leaving, we noticed a tweet indicating that the security at Elie Tahari was checking every bag coming in and out, because the guards said “there’s a lot of fur in there this morning” and “we’re just being careful.” But we certainly didn’t have anyone check our hefty backpack — not on the way in and not on the way out. Hey, mom! I got you this great new coat! With U.S. Open Over, Lance Bass Can Now Attend Fashion Week Shows