8th District snapshot

U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s (D-R.I.) farewell to Passaic County generated some interest – but hardly the numbers Democrats expected at the sideyard circus-style political extravaganza that pols have come to expect everytime the Lucianans throw a political party.

Sources say they had about 300 people at Friday night’s fundraiser for Passaic County Sheriff’s candidate Richard Berdnik, a Clifton lieutenant-detective.

They had wanted 600.

The money generated from the party – about $4,000 – will barely cover the costs of the event itself, leaving Berdnik in the lurch and insiders wondering how to politely ask U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-Paterson) to foot the bill.

Pascrell’s allies say the congressman is already carrying the party, particulalry since Sheriff Jerry Speziale skidooed to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. 

Eighth Congressional District challenger Roland Straten has publicly shared irritation with the media for failing to aggressively cover his challenge of Pascrell, but sources say his real ire should be reserved for his own party, which decided early to consign him to oblivion and focus on the sheriff’s and freeholder races. Any doubts about the GOP’s confidence in Straten as a viable option to Pascrell vanish with one look at the signs blanketing the post-industrial wasteland known as Passaic County.

They look like this: Pascrell at the top of the Democrats’ ticket, followed by Berdnik and the two freeholder candidates. By contrast, the Republicans’ bulk signs feature Garcia in the marquee slot, followed by the Republican freeholder challangers.

No Straten.

Pascrell, incidentally, held his big fundraiser last night, which sources said was well-attended. 

  8th District snapshot