A Matt Taibbi Primer

Taibbi teamed up with Moscow expatriate journalist Mark Ames to edit The Exile, a critically acclaimed English-language paper whose motto is "Mankind's Only Alternative Since 1997." Check out this 2010 Vanity Fair account of the paper's decline.

After returning to America from Moscow, Taibbi helped found the Buffalo Beast, a satirical and sophomoric bi-weekly. Taibbi's works from the Beast era include "Condoleezza Rice Is Going to Lick Your Beaver" and "Buckley Can Suck Me." He eventually left the Beast to join NYC alt-weekly the New York Press.

Taibbi's tenure at The New York Press was cut short following publication of the March 2005 piece, "The 52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope." No. 51: "After death, saggy, furry tits of dead Pope begin inexorable process of melting away into nothingness, like coldest of Sno-cones under faintest of suns.

Taibbi's 2007 collection of essays covers topics ranging from Michael Jackson's trial to the Enron scandal to Tom DeLay. In it, he says Wisconsin Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner "is your basic Fat Evil Prick. . . He has the requisite moist-with-sweat pink neck, the dour expression, the penchant for pointless bile and vengefulness." Check out this Baltimore City Paper story for more on Dead Elephants



Taibbi wrote of Spanking the Donkey, his account of the 2004 presidential election, "If you enjoy failure as a spectacle, Taibbi at least made sure this is rich reading. But that is a big if, especially at $24.95."

According to the promo copy from Random House on Taibbi's 2008 book, The Great Derangement: "Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi set out to describe the nature of George Bush’s America in the post-9/11 era and ended up vomiting demons in an evangelical church in Texas, riding the streets of Baghdad in an American convoy to nowhere, searching for phantom fighter jets in Congress, and falling into the rabbit hole of the 9/11 Truth Movement." We think you get the idea.

The Goldman Sachs story that gave birth to the "vampire squid" and helped usher in a new era of American suspicion toward the country's dominant investment bank, "The Great American Bubble Machine" traces the firm's reach into the highest levels of government and back through the major events of contemporary history.


Taibbi's latest book is a deeper exploration of the ideas he outlined in "The Great American Bubble Machine." Check out The Observer's excerpt from the book.

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