A totally thrilling, unbelievably intense new film

Seven years ago, an adrenaline junkie named Aron Ralston did a tremendously stupid thing. Now, Danny Boyle’s turned that stupid thing into a tremendously thrilling, seriously cringe-worthy movie (in theaters 11/5).

Ralston, who went hiking in Utah without informing a soul as to his whereabouts, more than paid for his mistake: he was pinned by an 800-pound boulder, nearly died of thirst and exposure, and only saved himself by cutting off his own right hand. The story’s almost impossible to film, but Boyle—a jittery, highly subjective director—has finally found his perfect subject. The movie is relentless, and beautiful to look at. James Franco throws himself into the role. Don’t wait for the DVD; do heed our warning: the gross-out factor could have been higher, but it’s still very much in place.

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