Adler blasts Runyan over Lonegan linkage

In anticipation of attacks on his record this week by Americans for Prosperity, U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill) today

In anticipation of attacks on his record this week by Americans for Prosperity, U.S. Rep. John Adler (D-Cherry Hill) today called on 3rd Congressional District opponent Jon Runyan to repudiate the movement conservative outfit and its anti-Social Security message.

“Elections are about choices,” Adler told reporters on a conference call. “My record suggests that I stand with senior citizens… and small businesses. I expect to be attacked by Americans for Prosperity. They want to privatize Social Security.”

Adler said aborted GOP efforts during the Bush years to privatize Social Security would have been disastrous given the 2008 Wall Street meltdown.

“I’m troubled Jon Runyan would stand with this group, it’s a very troubling trend,” said Adler. “I’m calling on him to repudiate this group. I’m asking him to to reject it; his silence on this issue tells me something.”

The Runyan campaign responded with a statement.

“We don’t comment on the actions of independent third-party groups,” said Runyan campaign consultant Chris Russell. “We’re focused on Jon Runyan’s campaign and his message of cutting taxes and federal spending in order to create jobs and improve the economy, while at the same time pointing out career politician John Adler’s 22-year record of higher taxes, more spending and reckless debt that made NJ unaffordable and is now bankrupting the country.”

By contrast, former Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan delighted in Adler’s attention.

“I’m proud and honored he’s coming after us,” Lonegan told “We’re a force to be reckoned with.”

Lonegan said his group’s efforts in the district include grassroots campaign projects, including “educating voters on the failed policies of (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and giving voters the real facts.” Sources say Americans for Prosperity placed $3,000 on one radio station in the Philadelphia market that targets Adler and suburban Democrats collectively. 

“He voted for cap and trade, he voted for stimulus and car check,” Lonegan said of Adler. “Our message is Nancy Pelosi needs John Adler.”

Lonegan said he plans to punch Adler with a lot of new media, including Internet and Youtube and door-to-door work.

“I’m going to make his Acorn friends look like Little League,” said the movement conservative leader. “We’re doing bigger and better.

“Social Security is a net loser right now,” he added. “When you and I retire, our plan would enable people to retire rich. All he’s doing is trying to mobilize his left-wing base.”

Adler blasts Runyan over Lonegan linkage