AMC Promotion Floods Commuter Centers With Zombies

Apparently AMC paid a busload of actors to trudge around the city’s commuter hubs like Penn Station this morning, a stunt to promote its series The Walking Dead, which concerns zombies and premieres this weekend. The ad campaign’s Twitter hashtag was #ZombieCommuterDay.

The event was not unique to New York, and was spread across 26 cities worldwide, with nerds encouraged to join in the ambling with the paid AMC employees. Not a bad promotion, given that nerds will take any excuse to dress like a zombie. The paid actors probably encountered some nerds dressed like zombies on the subway this morning, and the nerds were probably like, “Oh was that thing today?”

We probably did not encounter any zombies on our morning commute, but we wouldn’t necessarily have noticed, if we had. AMC Promotion Floods Commuter Centers With Zombies