APP: DeStefano Bankrupt

The Asbury Park Press reported this morning that Peter DeStefano, the 3rd District candiate who is reportedly a plant by the Democratic U.S. Rep. John Adler’s re-election campaign, filed for bankruptcy last year.

According to the report, DeStefano, who owns a frame shop, had $137,902 in liabilities and said he had earned less than $11,000 a year for the past three years.

Earlier this month, Democratic sources told the Courier Post that DeStefano was plant, who was part of a scheme cooked up by the Adler campaign to siphon votes from Republican challenger Jon Runyan.  DeStefano originally claimed he was a Tea Party candidate, but local Tea Party groups have disavowed him and say they plan to file suit against him.

Both DeStefano and Adler have denied that he is a plant. APP: DeStefano Bankrupt