Attention Socialites: Vertue Releases $27,000 Luxury Cellphone

Are you an egregiously wealthy and successful person who feels like luxury handbags, cars and clothes aren’t quite enough to express your success?

Maybe you were first to own the new iPhone or iPad, but keep seeing these gadgets in the hands of “normals” as you gaze through the tinted windows in your limousine.

Well don’t fret, because U.K.-based Vertu has the phone for you. Their new Constellation Quest smartphone features hand-made sapphire keys and a yellow gold exterior.

And at $27,000, it’s sure to stay fairly exclusive.

The phone does have some nice perks, like a quad-band GSM and WCDMA, which allows it work in pretty much any country in the world that your learjet might land.

On the other hand, it’s running Nokia’s Symbian operating system, which is eons behind the current offerings from Apple and Android in terms of cool apps.

Vertu’s enviably named Hutch Hutchinson assures consumers that Vertu’s new phone features some “exclusive services that take you well beyond where an app can get you.”

Hmmm, so could a spare $26,700.

Here’s the ridiculous promo video!



Attention Socialites: Vertue Releases $27,000 Luxury Cellphone