Bank of America Sues Ponzi Loser Kenneth Starr

One would think Bank of America had its hands full fending off potential lawsuits, budding lawsuits, subpoenas and other types of foreclosure-related judicial action. But it turns out that even with all the robo-signing fallout tumbling down onto BofA, the gigantic bank still has time to pick on an even more enfeebled entity. We speak, of course, of doofy Bernie Madoff impressionist Kenneth Starr — defrauder of Carly Simon, Martin Scorsese, Henry Kissinger and others.

Reuters reports that Bank of America is putting the legal screws to Starr over a $500,000 revolving credit facility Starr has not paid back. BofA also says Starr owes $12,000 in interest and fees. The bank joins American Express in the group of financial firms that are seeking recompense from Starr.

In September, Starr pled guilty to fraud and was sentenced to 45 years in the clink.

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