Big Willy Style: Fresh Prince Ditching Bel Air for Brooklyn?

Who even knew they were making a Men In Black 3? Brooklyn developer Mendy Gorodetsky, that’s who. He has offered Will Smith free reign of the 2,300-square-foot penthouse at his brand-new development at 75 Grannd Avenue in Cobble Hill for the duration of the film’s production here in the city. Gatecrasher is reporting there’s more than just a plush pad to go with the offer:

The apartment boasts 16-foot-high ceilings and mezzanines, full-aperture windows and European custom cabinetry. And if the crib itself isn’t enough of an enticement, Gorodetsky’s offer includes “ensuite meals” delivered by nearby Choice Market and “between-takes chocolate massage treatments” from Clinton Hill’s Body By Brooklyn. So far, Smith hasn’t responded to the offer. Maybe it’s that line about the chocolate massage.

Or maybe it’s that the building is half-a-block from the BQE, appears to be of the same middling construction of so much Brooklyn bubble architecture, and, let’s be honest, Will Smith could have pretty much any apartment in the city he wants. Maybe Justin Timberlake’s now-rentable Tribeca pad? He should be warned, though it has certain issues.

The Real Estate Desk isn’t sure what Mr. Gorodetsky is thinking here. Giving away space isn’t the usual strategy. Then again, it’s been almost a year since the project hit the market, and none of its units, ranging from $369,000 to $799,000, have sold according to StreetEasy. Perhaps a little red carpet glamour will do the trick.

UPDATE: A rep for the building writes in: “Just wanted to point out that the building has just gone rental. The unit that was offered to Will Smith rents for $4,000.00. The full range of the rentals is $2,085 – $4,000.” Tony, tony, tony.

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