Bloomberg On Voter Anger And Paid Sick Leave

Mayor Bloomberg called in to John Gambling’s radio show this morning, and as the host was asking him about his testimony before Congress yesterday on immigration, the mayor veered into talking about voter frustration that nothing gets done, which quickly turned into an analysis of the Tea Party movement:

Will they come together? They will come together if the public calls up and says, “I am tired of this partisanship and this gridlock. I am not going to take it anymore.” And in fact the wake-up call, John is called the Tea Party. That’s what the Tea Party is. It’s funny. It’s not a political movement. They are not pro-choice or pro-life. They are not pro-gun or anti-gun. They are not pro-gay rights or anti-gay rights. They are not into the social issues. They are a group of people, and you see this every 8-10 years-there was a Perot boomlet if you remember and there was a McCain boomlet 10 years ago and it’s, “I am sick of it,” that’s what people say. “I don’t know what the answer is. Your job is to figure it out, Mr. Congressman, Mr. Senator, Mr. President, whatever it is but I am just telling you I am annoyed, I don’t want to take this any more. ..there is this  massive countrywide frustration.

The mayor then talked about the indignity of testifying before Congress and being forced to look up at members of a House committee who are on a riser and staring down at him. The mayor suggested that perhaps they should reverse the angle.

“It’s the ultimate power trip,” he said.  “It’s always annoyed me. They’ve got to remember they work for us…if you changed it around it would send the right message. In a lot of these things we forget who works for whom.”

The mayor was also asked about the Paid Sick Leave bill that is being fought over in the City Council. He did not give much of an indication about whether or not he would veto it, but he did say that the trouble with that kind of legislation was that it impacted New York only.

From a worker’s point of view I suppose it’s great. From an employer’s point of view it’s another expense. All of these things, they are nice to have but if it’s a federal program like the minimum wage its one thing because every state, every city, no matter where your business is you have to pay at least a minimum wage so nobody is disadvantaged compared to another…The trouble is that if we have a law for New York City that gives a benefit-forget about the merit of the benefit-companies will move or companies just will not hire.






Bloomberg On Voter Anger And Paid Sick Leave