Changing the Face of Congress

November 2nd has the opportunity to be one of the most decisive election opportunities ever presented to the electorate throughout the entire United States.

We have, not only an unprecedented arrogance in the White House, but a Marie Antoinette attitude from the leadership in both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Look at the so called Health Care reform.  Well the President, Speaker of the House and Senate Majority leader have rammed the most expensive piece of legislation in history down our throats. 

Think about the following:  Would you buy a car if you did not know what is in it.  I mean would you take the word of the car salesperson that there was a motor in the car.  How about knowing if the car had a transmission?   Would you by the car by signing a blank check and letting the dealership fill in the amount?  Not likely.

But that is what happened with what has euphemistically been referred to as Obamacare.  We were sold a bill of goods and had no idea as to what the cost was or what was in the “car” to begin with.  The sales people were so incredibly arrogant that one of them, Speaker Pelosi had the unmitigated gall to tell the members of Congress, and in effect the American people, that “if you want to know what’s in the bill you have to vote for it.”

Or, if you want to know what the car has in it, you have to buy it.  Yikes!  That is just the beginning.  On top of that we have Cap & Trade or the kill American Business Bill.  When, where and how does it end?

Well, it does not end on November 2nd, no matter who is in control of Congress.  But, there has to be dramatic change on November 2nd to simply send a message that hopefully some people in Congress will hear and pay attention to.

Most folks are thinking that electing Republicans will solve or change things.  Well, that is only going to happen if the right Republicans are elected because there are many in Congress who have been complicit in this legislative disgrace.

But, simply not being the other guy in an election is going to get it done.  Challengers to those who have helped pass these legislative monstrosities need to be elected, but simply going door to door in Republican areas will not get it done.

Where there have been long term incumbents, say 20 years or more, the Republican challengers need to, no they must, go into the lions’ den and campaign in the incumbent’s base territories.  If anyone thinks that simply going door to door in challenger base districts will get them elected they are sorely mistaken. 

In most districts, if every Republican voted for the Republican challenger 2 or 3 times, the challengers still can’t win.  The challengers must campaign in democrat core districts. 

Remember, not only are registered Republicans being hurt by the asinine policies and bills that have passed, but so are registered Democrats.  And those Democrats are just as angry as any Republican.

If challenging Republicans are to win their elections they must campaign in Democrat territories and in Democrat incumbent base districts as well.  Yes, there are D’s who are angry and upset, but who will never vote for a Republican.  So their anger might make them stay home.  And that is one vote that the incumbent won’t get and which cuts the incumbent advantage.

However, if the challengers can get to other Democrats to make their case and they get a Democrat to vote for them it is, in effect, 2 votes for the challenger.  They then have one vote that goes to the challenger and one vote that the incumbent doesn’t get, ergo 2 votes for the challenger.

So, if any Republican is to stand a chance against these long term incumbents, fight them on their own turf, because there are votes to mine in those districts and it the incumbent’s own base that can ultimately be used to defeat them.

I know, from personal experience, that this is the only way to undermine the advantage that long term incumbents have and show them that they can be beaten. 

And, when they are defeated, the ruling, elite Government class will then have to live under the rules that they created for the rest of us.  That will be the equivalent of Bunker Hill and it will be the first shot of the second American Revolution.




Changing the Face of Congress