Cuomo: Paladino is “Unfit”

Hot on the heels of Carl Paladino’s much anticipated announcement, the Cuomo campaign is out with a statement that can be summarized in four words: This man is crazy.

Says campaign spokesman Josh Vlasto: 

Carl Paladino and his handlers can’t con New Yorkers.  They have seen the real Carl and they know he is unfit to be Governor with his unstable outbursts, smears, and total lack of substance. New Yorkers don’t need his dysfunctional personality in Albany – Albany is dysfunctional enough  As we all know by now, Carl has a casual relationship with the truth.  We have accepted a debate hosted by Newsday featuring all candidates, as requested by Carl, and it is Carl who has thus far declined. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any lower, Carl once again debased himself and the entire political process.”

The last two sentences there are about, as Katzblog is reporting, all of seven of the gubernatorial candidates save one have accepted an invitation to a debate. The one that hasn’t? Carl Paladino.  Cuomo: Paladino is “Unfit”