DiNapoli Goes Negative In Comptroller’s Race [VIDEO]

Incumbent Democratic comptroller Tom DiNapoli is out with a tough new ad that plays up his Republican opponent’s Wall Street ties.

The ad, entitled “Signs,” knocks “Wall Street” Harry Wilson as a Wall Street executive who supports the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and whose plan for the pension fund would increase property taxes. Wilson has repeatedly accused DiNapoli of being too much of an “Albany insider,” who has had too long of a political career to be an effective public servant. A source close to the DiNapoli campaign however has said that their polling shows that having ties to the financial services sector is considered an even more egregious offense than being an incumbent, even in this anti-incumbent year.

According to the campaign, the ad will be showing statewide.

Script and video below:

Wall Street’s Harry Wilson has a very Wall Street plan.

He’d protect the tax loophole that lets Wall Street hedge fund executives-like him-pay half the tax rate the rest of us do.

Wilson supports extending the Bush tax cuts for the richest two percent, a windfall for billionaires.

And his pension scheme would send New Yorkers’ property taxes soaring.

Republican Harry Wilson. The worst of Wall Street. Too risky for New York.


DiNapoli Goes Negative In Comptroller’s Race [VIDEO]