DiNapoli: Wilson Has “No Experience…In Delivering What Government Needs To Do” [VIDEO]

Democratic heavyweights came out for Tom DiNapoli this afternoon as he took his re-election campaign for state comptroller to Chinatown.

Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver, New York City comptroller John Liu, state senator Daniel Squadron, assembly member Grace Meng, council member Margaret Chin were among supporters at a press conference at the Chinese Consolidated Business Association.

“We’ve all showed up together because that’s how important it is to send a message,” Squadron said.

In his remarks to the group of a couple of dozen Chinatown locals, DiNapoli  talked up his pension management, his plan for accountability in government, and the importance of entrepreneurship for small businesses. He also stressed the need for Chinese voters to come out on election day as they had for Liu in 2009.

He only talked about his Republican challenger Harry Wilson in response to a question, saying that Wilson does not have the experience or values needed to be a successful comptroller.

“My opponent who has absolutely no experience in government, in running an agency, and in delivering on what government needs to do,” DiNapoli said.

“He made millions in a way that hurt too many people,” he said in reference to Wilson’s companies subprime financial investments. “Those are not the kinds of values that represent the best of Wall St., those are not the kind of values that should be represented in the comptrollers office, where you need to look out for the greatest good for the greatest number of New Yorkers ”

DiNapoli emphasized his strong working relationship with Liu, labeling the pair a “dynamic duo”.

Silver took exception.

“Margaret Chin really just reminded me long before the two of you got together, Margaret Chin and I were called the dynamic duo,” he said.

On his way out, DiNapoli commented that he remains optimistic by poll results, citing a Wednesday Siena poll that placed him leading in all districts and more than 30 points up in New York City.

“Its all going to be about turnout who comes out to vote so we’re working very hard all across the state to make sure that there’s a strong turn out certainly in Democratic areas but were obviously getting support from Republicans and independents too,” he said.



DiNapoli: Wilson Has “No Experience…In Delivering What Government Needs To Do” [VIDEO]