DioGuardi Hits Gillibrand for Being Anti-Tea

During the lightning round of last week’s debate between Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and her Republican challenger, Joe DioGuardi, the moderators asked whether the Tea Party had been good for America.

DioGuardi, who considers himself part of the movement, smiled broadly.

Gillibrand paused, as DioGuardi prodded: “Yes or no?”

“No,” she said.

“Absolutely,” was his answer.

Now, DioGuardi is emailing the clip to supporters, as evidence that Gillibrand is “out of touch.”

DioGuardi trails Gillibrand in the polls, and would need an overwhelming Tea Party turnout to swing the race in his favor.

Interestingly, the email doesn’t mention the Tea Partier at the top of the ticket, Carl Paladino, invoking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie instead, saying the movement started with his win last year.

DioGuardi Hits Gillibrand for Being Anti-Tea