Dow Diary: Drab, Slow Day

Dear Diary,

What do you say at the end of a ho-hum day? Not much, usually. But let’s take a little “personal inventory,” since that’s what this whole exercise is supposed to be about.

I know there’ve been times when a narrow loss sent me into conniptions, but today I’m feeling pretty resigned about shedding 14 points. For one thing, I’m still up 0.6 percent on the week. Whether an investment is right sometimes depends on the time frame, I always like to say.

I’m a little worried about what’s in store over the weekend, as the G-20 finance ministers get together to try and stop a currency war from ripping the global economy to shreds. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is supposedly trying to put some new rules together that could prevent a downward spiral of devaluation, but I’m skeptical he’ll get everybody on board.

On the plus side, Verizon (one of my stocks, by the way) reported a solid third quarter. That gave me some cause for good cheer, but not so for little Verizon. It fell 1.7 percent today. Sometimes you just don’t know how someone’s going to take good news.

Anyway, it’s been a stressful week, with the mortgage and foreclosure shenanegans still muddying the future of the banks, and a boatload of uncertainty about what the Fed’s next monetary move will be. Frankly, I’m just glad for a weekend to clear my head.

See you Monday,

The Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dow Diary: Drab, Slow Day