Dow Diary: Thank God for Burgers and Plywood

Dear Diary,

Well, after a hectic day, I can proudly say I’ve squeaked out another modest victory. Nothing like yesterday’s blowout, but I’m happy to log a 39-point gain in the books any day of the week, believe me. Plus, early in the day I almost hit my highest levels of 2010, and I’m back above 11,000, which is always nice. Maybe tomorrow I can break new ground!

Oh, man, there was so much going on I could hardly keep track of everything. One of my biggest boosts came from the dominant player in the hamburger business, McDonalds. The fast-food behemoth said October sales should jump 5 percent to 6 percent year over year. Even if the food isn’t healthy, that kind of revenue growth sure is.

Over on the insurance side, Travelers also notched a modest gain after beating expectations with its third-quarter earnings report. Oh yeah, and my humble household improvers over at Home Depot had a great day, as the stock rose 3.5 percent.

So that’s all good, baby, but there’s still some overhang. I’m not convinced the current mortgage mess is going to go away quietly. It looks like I’m not alone; Bank of America took another dive today. Plus, there’s still talk of a currency war a-brewing. I’m hardly ready for that right now, what with the economy still fragile and all.

But those troubles are for another day. Today I’ll just sit pat with my modest win and hope I can keep moving on up tomorrow.

Take care,

The Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dow Diary: Thank God for Burgers and Plywood